Post Style Guide

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1. This is styled as the method for recipes 2. Method method method 3. Method method method “This is big pink quote text block” “This is big pink text block” …

Beetroot for Clarity and Performance

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More good news about beetroot, a favourite mood-boosting ingredient of mine for a while. Beetroot contains nitrate, which increases the energy available to muscle cells. A study published in 2016 …

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Turmeric: A Miracle Spice

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by Elena Langtry. Exuding the most fantastic golden colour, turmeric has many hidden uses and is a welcome spice in an array of cuisines. Most interesting to me though, is the seeming ability of the active compound in turmeric to sooth symptoms of anxiety, by affecting mood pathways and increasing anti-inflammatory responses linked with mental health.

Infectious Poem

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This poem has been sent to me by Julia Macpherson’s mother. Julia, who sadly died, wrote this powerful poem whilst suffering from depression.

Guest Blog: Charlotte Reed

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by Charlotte Reed I am so delighted to share Charlotte Reed’s guest blog today. She radiates warmth, energy and positivity – as her delightfully witty illustrations show. I hope that her …