After publishing her memoir about overcoming depression in 2014, Rachel became an ambassador for SANE, and vice president of United Response, working with the charities to reduce stigma and improve treatment for those suffering from mental illness. Since then, Rachel has also become an ambassador for Rethink Mental Illness and The Counselling Foundation.

SANE was initially set up by Marjorie Wallace OBE as a campaigning organisation to raise awareness of schizophrenia. Since then, the charity’s scope has expanded to mental illness more generally and has become known for its famous Black Dog campaign. Rachel has long been an admirer of the founder and is honoured to be able to represent the charity and work alongside it.

United Response facilitates home treatment for mentally and physically disabled people. When in the depth of her illness, Rachel like many others disliked being in hospital, and was herself much happier being cared for at home. Having felt the benefits of home treatment first-hand, Rachel is delighted to be the mental illness vice president for United Response and to be able, through this role, to encourage their efforts in this respect, as well as in many other areas of care for the disadvantaged.

Rachel is proud to be involved in some of Rethink’s initiatives to do just that – rethink the way we look at mental illness. She loves the way Rethink works alongside other charities and collaborates with employers in its efforts to improve the treatment of those who are mentally unwell and to reduce stigma, especially in the workplace.

The Counselling Foundation trains therapists and rightly describes itself as an organisation for personal growth. Rachel is someone who has been lucky enough to have experienced the restorative power of therapy, so is delighted to support this non-profit organisation.

“My strength is made perfect in weakness”

“My strength is made perfect in weakness”