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In Mental Health by Elena Langtry

Although the festive period can be an exciting and joyful time of year, it can also be hectic, anxiety-inducing and lonely for some.

For twelve days during the festive season I’m offering my tips for coping at this time of year, from Lowering expectations to Nourishing your body.

I hope that my tips may bring comfort and reassurance to others. After all, we must take care of our mental health year-round.

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Research has proven the benefits of exercise to our mental health. The act of moving helps me feel more connected to my feelings. I find yoga poses relax me, and so does going for a walk or cycle. Find what works.

I love spending time outside and enjoying the benefit of nature’s soothing balm, especially when the weather is crisp. Stretching also calms my body like nothing else. It’s taken me a long time to understand what my body needs. 

Until recently, I had mainly understood physical care to mean exercise. The cardio-vascular, heart-pumping, sweat-dripping kind. And that is, of course, a large part of it. But it’s not the only part. The easiest way to explain it is to imagine that your body has emotions too. When I’m slumped, I know the world is weighing heavily on my shoulders. When there’s a spring in my step, I’m feeling joyful!
Movement is intuitive and part of our DNA. My top yoga poses; the ‘Child’s Pose’ and the ‘Rock and Roll’ pose relax me, but so does going for a walk each day, either round the block or in my local park with our dog Sammy. Today might be a good day for it.
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“My grace is sufficient for thee; my strength is made perfect in weakness”

“My grace is sufficient for thee; my strength is made perfect in weakness”