Small Steps to Recovery

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By Vittoria De Meo


I see myself as a lotus flower.A flower that grows and blossoms beautifully while rooted in a muddy pond. The lotus flower has a great meaning in Buddhism. It symbolises the purity of the body and mind.

For me the lotus flower represents the greatness of life as a whole.It represents the beauty of life with its highs but also simultaneously represents the mystery of life with all its dark sides.

When we isolate ourselves and we do not connect with others we won’t be able to flourish and see the light that can nurture our potential and make it possible to blossom.By accepting our dark side and understanding its purpose and the potential for good that can arise from it, it can function as a springboard for a positive transformation.

In 1986 I was involved in a car crash where out of 4 people I remained the only survivor. I lost one of my sisters and two good friends. Life became uneasy to handle. My life journey became like a roller coaster where even achievements became failures. My life became a drama where the only way to express myself was through my battles and struggles.

I have learned a number of things through my journey:

My Inner Transformation

Along the way I have come to understand that my adversity was to become a driving force for my victory – my inner transformation.

Making the Most of Life

I have learned how vital is to make the most of what life gives us. No matter the circumstances. Making value by giving respect and a purpose to whatever situation we are in.


I have experienced an opportunity to look deep inside myself and understand that it is the way I see myself that produces the external effects. The more I am in a low state, ungrateful for my life, the more the response will be devastating, causing a vicious circle of failures.By accepting and embracing my life I can finally see the light dissolving my internal darkness and eventually lead me to the right place where I deserve to be.

Today I feel I have achieved my victory and through my own pledge I want to use my life experience as a tool to inspire, encourage, support and motivate whoever feels trapped in their own darkness; to encourage them to see the light and eventually give them a new perception of life.