Rachel Kelly is a powerful yet empathetic speaker who talks with deep personal understanding and sympathy on the topic of mental health and how to improve it. A high quality writer and mental health authority, you will be amazed how much you can learn from her gentle wisdom.
— Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of Buckingham University

Rachel speaks at events for companies, schools and universities including:

Keynote Talk: How to Sing in the Rain

Rachel shares her own experience of depression and recovery. She shares strategies and exercises to help the audience ‘sing in the rain’, to see the positives in the negatives and build up their own toolbox of wellbeing strategies. This talk is inspired by Rachel’s latest book Singing in the Rain: An inspirational workbook which is based on numerous psychological studies.

Talk: Good Mood Food

Scientists are now discovering a proven link between what we eat and how we feel. This talk is based on Rachel's book The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food which contains the latest research and evidence on what to eat for optimum mental health and features recipes developed to boost your mood, keep you calm and help you sleep.


Duration: One hour
Prices: Negotiable
Venue: Rachel is happy to travel if travel expenses are reimbursed
Books: Copies can be provided


Thank you so much for coming last night, you were fantastic! Our guests responded so well to you, your stories and your practical tools. I think you helped so many of our guests and members come out of their shells mental health wise. You’ve made a huge impact. You also spoke so dynamically and kept our audience completely engaged. Thank you
— Ellie Newton. The Trouble Club.
Our staff thoroughly enjoyed your session and learnt a lot. It was pitched exactly right - as you would expect. NICE staff are incredibly discerning, evidence-based people, and your links to research were just what they needed. On a personal (less scientific!) note, I loved the way you drew on poetry and literature too.
— Sarah Acton, Senior Business Partner, National Institute for Health Care Excellence.
The whole workshop was well-presented and high level enough to be applicable to lots of people. It was so useful to think holistically about mental health; it’s not just to do with the mind, it’s the body too and what we eat.
— Participant feedback – Deloitte

I really liked Rachel’s authenticity and her personal story acts as a “wake up call” to question how we live our lives and what we can do to achieve more balance.
— Anne O’Neill-Mathias – Roche

I truly appreciated hearing your experiences and learning about the techniques you have learnt and adapted to help with not just your own journey but that of others. I know that I was not alone and all the team who attended enjoyed the talk enormously as well. A big thank you!
— participant feedback - Dukes education

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop. I spoke to the others, during and at the end and they were equally impressed. Seriously, I needed this talk. It has changed my outlook on cooking. Thank you for enlightening us. It was brilliant!
— Eva Broberg – Good Mood Food Workshop at The Idler Academy

While she was speaking I looked around the room and a vast range of people in the building had come. From suited lawyers, to business services people as well as Ryan from the post room. I haven’t seen our conference room that full for years! She delivered a difficult subject so naturally and did not scare us off with psychobabble.
— Participant Feedback – Linklaters LLP

The session was a great success.
— TYvonne Nelson – NHS Community Living Well